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Since 2007 Occupancy Solutions, LLC has provided operational, marketing, maintenance, human resources, housing compliance, leasing consulting and training services for multifamily professionals of market rate, senior and

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Individuals build their relationship with their boss to receive the right level of feedback and coaching for success. Read More

Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in almost any work environment. From common stepladders to sophisticated extension ladders, they can be found almost everywhere. This training program demonstrate to your employees that, because ladders are so common, many employees take them for granted, and do not take the appropriate precautions when using ladders in their work. Included on the DVD is a Leader’s Guide, End of Course Quiz, Completion Certificate, and Attendance Log. Topics covered also include: Ladder selection. Inspection before use. Setting up and moving ladders. Climbing on ladders. Ladder accidents. and more. Read More

This presentation by Elaine Simpson helps take the fear out of fair housing practices. Please print the handout/agenda before starting the course to help you follow along during the video then take the exam that follows the video.  A passing score of 70% is required. Read More

To be successful your team needs to know and be able to do a lot of different things. However, one of the most important things they need to know is quite simple: they need to know where they’re going. In other words, your team must have a strong understanding of the company’s direction and strategy. With this information in hand they are better equipped to do the right things at the right time so they can achieve great results for the team and company.   For this course you will invite a companhy leader to visit your team to talk about the company strategy. Your team will prepare for the presentation and identify specific questions the leader can answer to help them be more successful.           Read More

This engaging program takes a humorous look at the "million" common excuses to avoid safety procedures, and responses to those excuses.  Set in a variety of industrial settings, this program teaches the importance of PPE, eye protection, chemical safety, safe lifting techniques, and safety policies and procedures.  Your workers will examine some of their own unsafe attitudes when they view this video. Read More

A New Supervisor's First Performance Review & Development Conversation Read More

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