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Since 2007 Occupancy Solutions, LLC has provided operational, marketing, maintenance, human resources, housing compliance, leasing consulting and training services for multifamily professionals of market rate, senior and

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This video gives today's employees the tools they need to identify and prevent harassment, discrimination and disrespectful behavior in blue- and white-collar environments. Through dramatic and poignant vignettes, a number of hostile situations are presented, then turned against the perpetrator to highlight the offense in a how does it feel reversal. Topics covered also include: Hostile work environments Sexual harassment Symptoms of those harassed Addressing harassment issues Workplace discrimination Workplace Respect Read More

Once there was a time when we came to work with no question about our security, but times have changed. Now we aren’t sure what dangers or threats we may encounter. The purpose of this video is to increase awareness of workplace security issues and help us to understand what we can do to remain secure on the job. Read More

This is a 2-DVD set and total training package to help train supervisors and employees on preventing bullying and violence in the workplace. The employee training covers workplace bullying, impacts on the company, how to prevent workplace bullying, what victims or witnesses should do and more. The supervisor training goes over consequences, how to recognize, address and respond to workplace bullying, preparation, indicators and much more. Read More

Workplace safety is a major concern to employers and employees alike. Whether the threat of violence comes from employees within the company or from external sources, it is critical that your employees are trained in how to recognize the potential for violence and how to respond if threatened. Prevention is critical and early intervention helps prevent more serious acts. This program is designed to train your employees on how to recognize the potential for danger and how to respond appropriately. Topics covered also include: Misconceptions about workplace violence Costs and risk factors of workplace violence Homicides and non-fatal violence Prevention strategies Environmental designs & administrative controls Behavioral strategies Read More

This training video provides critically important insights to workplace anger, rage and intimidation. It reveals the real cost of workplace violence in dollars, lost work days, stress-related health issues and lost productivity. It also addresses worker hostility and the many different ways it affects co-workers. Most importantly, it illustrates how to prevent, deter, or defuse violence and hostility before it occurs. Topics covered also include: The impact of downsizing Disputes & Unresolved conflicts Simple misunderstandings Confrontations & Emotional outbursts Aggression & Hostility Frustration & Stress Harassment & Intimidation Read More

Writing to get things done always starts with a strong opening paragraph. When opening paragraphs are confusing or don’t grab the reader’s attention, the reader typically stops reading and thus does not find out about critical information or what needs to get done.    A good opening paragraph is essential to your success as a business writer. This is the paragraph that sets the tone of your writing, states what you want to get done, and will let the reader know what your communication is all about.    By completing this course, you will:   • Be able to write an effective opening paragraph   Read More

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