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Since 2007 Occupancy Solutions, LLC has provided operational, marketing, maintenance, human resources, housing compliance, leasing consulting and training services for multifamily professionals of market rate, senior and

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Individuals build the basic business skills required to be successful in any job, at any company.     Read More

Individuals learn what is required to be a successful member of any project team.   Read More

Designed for anyone who is new to supervising and managing others, the Bud to Boss Toolkit will provide the foundation needed to take on a new leadership position. New Managers will learn how to communicate with former peers who are now subordinates, as well as develop their skills to coach others, give feedback and handle performance reviews. In addition, they will learn how to conduct difficult conversations, all in a way that is comfortable and productive for everyone.   Read More

Managers build the level of trust and respect they receive from their employees, peers and customers.   Read More

Individuals take action to identify career opportunities, build the required skills and brand themselves to others.   Read More

Individuals build leadership skills that can help in any role, whether the person is an individual contributor, new supervisor or experienced manager.   Read More

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